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Take a look at who I am, where I'm from, and where I'm headed.

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A little bit about me

Originally born in France, I lived there for 11 years before moving to the United States. I moved to Greenville, South Carolina, and lived there for a number of years. After Linux Academy took its first round of VC funding, I moved to DFW, Texas in order to help build the company from our headquarters. Once Linux Academy was acquired, I moved to Denver, CO, where I now reside with my wife and Golden Retriever (Biscuit).

I wrote my first lines of code at 11 to build websites for video game communities and guilds, and that's how it all got started. Very quickly, I had to learn how to defend those websites against attacks from other guilds. I was also exposed to social engineering and malware of different shapes and sizes, which taught me the importance of cybersecurity at a young age and before it became part of major headlines.

While I dabbled in creating other types of applications, like chat bots written in Visual Basic, I always gravitated towards web-based apps. This eventually led me to learn how to use cloud services (mainly AWS), which I spent a number of years teaching.

When not writing code, creating online cybersecurity training content, or participating in our community, I also enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, gaming, fishing, swimming, and bodybuilding.



Notable Highlights


Cybr was launched in June of 2020 to help close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Since then, we've grown to over 30,000 members (June 2021) and have published 7 courses.

Linux Academy

I joined Linux Academy as the 7th employee and helped grow it from $4m in ARR to $40m in ARR, and 200+ employees in only 4 years. We were the leading cloud training platform in terms of revenue, content library size, and hands-on technology.

In 2019, we were acquired and merged with ACloudGuru.

The combined organization was then acquired by Pluralsight in 2021 for $2bn.


I founded Scale Your Code in 2015 after being frustrated by the state of education.

Scale Your Code started out as a podcast and expanded into development training. We interviewed well-known experts in the industry including DHH (Founder of Ruby on Rails and CTO of Basecamp), Jeff Atwood (Co-Founder of Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow), and many more.

Scale Your Code was acquired by Linux Academy in December 2016 in order to expand their offering.


Joined CollegeVibe in its very early stages as a Co-Founder in order to lead development and provide strategic guidance, essentially serving as CTO.

CollegeVibe was a social media platform geared towards the college experience across the United States. We had a repository of all major universities including social events, local businesses, and more, and provided social tools for students to engage.